Welcome Back!

Guys! The Science Experiment is back after a much needed break. Can you believe we’ve been at it for about 6 months already? We’re all so very excited for the new year and have quite a few things planned for the year.

The first that you’ll see it the “Meet a …” series which will be run by Lexi, where you’ll basically be introduced to different professionals within the health industry so that you can hear a little bit of their story and what it is that they do on a day to day. Hopefully this will help inspire many and expose even more people to the various possibilities out there. The series will be released once a month, on the last Monday of the month, so be on the lookout for that!

We’ll also be bringing more content surrounding our own experiences but this year we would also like to hear from you. That’s right, YOU! We’ve really liked interacting with some of you either through email or in our dm's, and we would love to share your story with others. This is why we will be starting a segment on the blog called “Your Story”. This is where you, our readers, can share your story as a guest blogger on our site. We won’t be able to do this without your help, so if you feel like sharing a part of your journey with us, don’t forget to join as a member of our site and stay tuned for when we provide details of how it will all work.

We’re also working on developing go to guides that will help you with the small things that can really help boost and accelerate your careers. Things like how to build a good CV, how to apply for funding, job interview look books, tips on writing a thesis etc. We really want this site to be a place where you can benefit, grow and develop. So if there’s anything else you think we are missing let us know and we'll be sure to address it.

We plan on interacting more with you on our socials so you know what to do if you want to stay up to date with all the exciting things we have in store. We've also just started our LinkedIn page, so be sure to follow as we'll be posting career opportunities on there as well.

Lastly, we thank all of you for being on this journey with us. May 2021 be a good year for us all!

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