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The Science Field... the biggest experiment of them all!

The science field- be it the health sciences, engineering, mathematics, biological sciences etc is complex. It's like trying to balance a chemical equation in an exam with 5 minutes left. There are so many options to consider and factors that play a role it's practically an experiment once you choose one...

Lets throw it back a bit... It's 2013. I'm in matric and it's the end of term one. I have my grade 11 report, term one report and my application forms in front of me. I only have a few months to choose 2 possible majors. At this point my knowledge of science is divided into three possible career options: Engineering, Biology and Medicine. I am sitting on my bed, prospectus in hand, reading and trying to decide what to choose🤔... As I am paging through the prospectus, I'm getting more and more confused by the options, they are all appealing and sound interesting but I don't really know what they entail barely even have a clue.

These few months triggered my anxiety because I was a nervous wreck 😓. The scientist in me is a planner and likes control, but with these decisions... I was making them based on other people's opinions of how "scientists" (read engineers) were in demand in South Africa. My knowledge of how complex and intricate the science field is, was limited.

To the present....

I don't have many regrets regarding the study choices I made in matric. All my dreams are coming true in some way or the other. But I do regret not taking the time to figure out what I really wanted to do. What the employment prospects were, how demanding was my study choice going to be, and where I saw myself after graduation.

Once I was in varsity, I changed all of that. I was doing an extended program which meant this was my chance to figure out my path.

I consulted the relevant people, took a look at the University prospectus again, researched my favorite degrees and chose one I loved even though it was challenging and wanted to quit a few times.

The one thing I would advice you if you're looking to get into the "Science Field", is to conduct a basic science experiment. Draw up a hypothesis like "this is what i will be when I graduate undergrad and I will work here". Then determine your variables, do your research and find a way to prove or disprove your hypothesis. Basically, take the time to gather all the information you need. Expand your definition. Think beyond high school.

I'm a firm believer that things always happen they way they're supposed to even if we planned otherwise. My journey has not been an easy one. It was long, dark , with twists and turns but that was my science experiment. Along the way I tested and retested, approved and disproved some of the hypotheses I had come up with to figure my whole life out. And currently I'm happy with the results of this experiment as it took from view science as STEM only to factoring in Human Sciences!!! My experiment has broaden my horizons and taught me a lot

This field need you to be open to change, new experiences, and not afraid to take risks and deviate a bit from your original plan.

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