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Passion vs. Financial security?

Updated: May 24

I have always believed that passion is what you should follow because in my opinion there's no point in making money only for you to be miserable. I have always thought that you can guarantee financial freedom through your passion.

Having studied a BSC degree and looking around at most of the people I know who studied a BSc, I am beginning to see that is not truly the case. It's not that easy for your passion to give you financial security. For as long as I can remember, doing a BSc was my passion, my dream, my life. But having obtained a degree in the field and struggling to find a job and looking at my peers who are in the process of doing their second/third degrees because they are looking to secure the bag, I'm thinking maybe BSC isn't the field where you follow your passion over financial security.

I was faced with this reality when I was doing my final year, as most of the people who were applying were either applying for an Honours in the health science field or starting new degrees in different faculties such as Law because they wanted to ensure that they will have jobs when they graduate as compared to if they continued with a BSC. Not to say there aren't any jobs; they are there but very few and they are very selective.

Through my experience, and seeing what others have done, have a game plan from the beginning. Where you see yourself going with your BSC, how far do you want to go with it. Secure internships, job shadowing, mentorships early on in your studies. Make sure you network to ensure that you have the right people in your corner who can help you navigate this field and how to ensure you secure the bag.

These are tips I figured out a little bit late in my journey, when I had already decided upon a new passion and began pursuing new dreams . If doing a BSc is your passion, make sure you take it beyond the academics. Engage people in the field and seek their help and guidance.

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