Meet a Founder and CEO

Hi, I am Martyna Scibiorek and I am the Founder and CEO of Science Bridge.

I have completed a BA.Sc. Life Sciences, an MSc. Infection and Immunity, and a PhD in Immunology.

What is a typical day at work for me you might ask? That’s a difficult question for an entrepreneur! Every day is different! Typically, I have a weekly planner which I fill up at the beginning of the week according to my calendar and according to my personal goals for the week. Additionally, I need to give myself some discipline when it comes to self-care otherwise, I basically spend the WHOLE day in front of my laptop, which isn’t healthy! So here is an example of a general day in my life: I check all my emails, respond to the ones I have to, write down who I need to contact on that day, if the day allows, I then exercise and get back to work. As we are still in midst of a pandemic, most of my meetings are online, which saves a lot of time by eliminating the commute. I work till about 4/5 pm and then I need to stretch as spending most of the time sitting can be painful 😉. In the evenings, I spend time with my small family (my dog and my partner), while cooking and calling my Polish family. Working as an entrepreneur is very much up to you and not structured. Some days your day might be turned completely upside down because you have calls with people in different time zone, so then you plan your day accordingly, but always leave something for me in terms of self-care! It’s a must!

Obviously, time flexibility is a huge pro for me. You are your own boss so if your boss gives you a day off, you have a day off 😉. Cons are the same as pros! If you give in to procrastination and you can’t force yourself to do the job, no one will do it for you!

I absolutely had no idea that I will start a coaching-training company, but I always loved multitasking. I often heard that I deviate too much and take on too many projects, which probably resulted in being my own boss. I started Science Bridge at the end of my PhD when I was writing my thesis up and it helped me greatly with feeling confident about my future. I personally don’t see myself confined to strict rules of one type of career. Starting your own business is basically wearing all the hats every day! One day you are an accountant, marketing specialist, blogger and strategist. It is very challenging and stimulating all at the same time!

No, there are no other requirements you need, not at first. However, eventually, you need to register your company name with the Companies and Intellectual Property Commission (CIPC) and get your tax registration with South African Tax Services (SARS). With those documents, you can set up your company bank account. You need to realize that your income in your company account is not the same as the salary that you will be paying yourself. With that in mind, you need to register for a personal income tax number with SARS.

If you like taking a risk and are disciplined, you can achieve great things as an entrepreneur; however, you will often ask the question: shall I just get a normal job with a paycheck? It is completely normal to have those doubts, but you can overcome them if you feel strong enough.

Stay positive about your career and remember there are no wrong choices! Nothing is set in stone, if you decide to take a paycheck-type of a job and in a few years, you will feel like starting your own business it is perfectly fine! At the same time, if you take a leap of faith and dive into the entrepreneurial world and realize it’s not your cup of tea, it is also completely understandable! Whichever type of career you chose, the world is your oyster and you can grow, evolve, change and adapt. Having a science background in all of this is a great ace up your sleeve because you already have more knowledge than other job candidates.

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