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How I kept my mental health intact during this pandemic

Updated: May 24

Just like everyone else, I started my year very hopeful, eager and excited. Instead of going with the trend of setting new year resolutions every year that I never keep, this year I decided that a bucket list would be more appropriate and this came about after one of my close friends and I had a conversation about what we want to achieve for 2020, so she was like chommie you just came up with a bucket list 🤣. Thank you friend for the idea 😉. So when I sat down and created my bucket list, I made sure to add things that will ensure that I started this decade with a BANG!!!

My bucket list was vast, it was adventurous, it was naughty, and it was fun, and it was goal oriented. I made sure it was holistic, I focused on what I wanted to achieved academically, personally; particularly regarding personal growth, going out more, doing trips with friends and having good fun with boys 🤣😂. I wanted to push myself more than I ever have in my life, wanted to get out of my comfort zone a lot more. And maybe be a little bit unpredictable. All that was going so well I had even checked of 7 things of my bucket list by March when our dear frenemy corona came over uninvited for an indefinite stay.

So when we get the #stayhome, #alonetogether order from the President, I whipped out my bucket list and looked at the items and looked over which ones I could amend, modify or just move to the next in order for me to be able to salvage my year. Most of them couldn’t be amended or ticked off due to the new 2020 worldwide mandate; therefore, I just had to put them on hold for now. As a result of that I decided let me focus on my academics so long, because they are not at all affected by the pandemic. That was wishful thinking in the beginning; because, I am such a creature of habit and a professional procrastinator. So to me when I'm home my brain takes a vacation. Studying and completing assignments wasn’t a priority of mine for about the first two weeks of the lockdown.

Eventually procrastination comes and bites me in the ass, as the chickens come home to roost in the form of 3 assignment due dates being moved up. Now I am stressed, full of panic and regret. And on top of that anxiety decided it’s a perfect time to come over and visit 😒. Now I have to deal with the fear that came with the Corona virus pandemic and my mind deciding that it’s time to be dark and twisty. I usually deal with my anxiety episodes by staying in bed and watching series till the anxious thoughts quite themselves down; this time that wasn’t an option as I had due dates staring me in the face. I decide okay, let me be the poster child for anxiety and go through the list of things that can help with anxiety.

I started reading, doing yoga, changing my diet, and crocheting. These activities became part of my daily routine as soon as I noticed that they actually helped quite my mind and keep me grounded. And usually I joke and say that I take breaks from reading or crocheting so that I can study, except that is literally how it works, and I am more productive academically when I am treating my books as a reward instead of a task (which is really weird I know). All these activities were keeping my mind busy and kept my anxiety at bay.

My goal regarding this pandemic was salvaging my bucket list, remaining positive and ensuring that my mental health was in check at all times. And in successfully doing so I rekindled an old love of crocheting and discovered that I am actually obsessed with exercising and living a healthy lifestyle and not just on paper but in practice. I am looking forward to keeping on pushing through this pandemic, and right now since my bucket list is a monthly “hot-list” which is basically things I want to achieve for that particular month, I am looking forward to ticking off✔✔ my monthly “hot-list” items.

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